LFTM Photography | About

Hey! Audley here! I would love to meet you, provide you with a legendary experience, and make amazing images with you. Here's why...


If you are looking for a photographer, I might be your guy. But if you are looking for the chance to see yourself in a way you have never seen before, then look no further. I realized that everyone wants great images, but they also want something else: they want to make a connection. They want to be understood. They want to feel confident and powerful. This is part of the legendary experience I share with you when I put the camera to my eye.


This outlook on my art creates the atmosphere during our session that makes it seem like we have known each other forever and do not understand why. Within that feeling, all the 'magic' happens. So, welcome to Looking For The Magic (LFTM) Photography - I bring bold, crisp, top-class images to everyday people that are timeless, lively, and brilliant.


What do I love most about being a photographer? The people. I get to be a stand-up comedian, coach, cheerleader, counselor, body language expert, anthropologist, historian, and curator all bundled into one. I speak a language that can be communicated to everyone in the world.


A little about me: I'm from the New York City area and a classic renaissance dude. I was a clarinetist and Latin scholar in High School, have been to all 50 states, most of the Caribbean Islands, and Europe. I got a Masters Degree because I had nothing else to do. I love coffee, dark chocolate, Ribeye steak, non-fiction books and Redbox movies. I did a stint as an endurance athlete, having done all distance races up to a half-Ironman. I love being a super dad to my three young kids and an awesome hubby to wife of 7 years. 


So, when can we chat about our upcoming session?